Why Epos?

Why Epos?

Everyone working with Epos knows that they can expect quality, safety and craftsmanship. For Epos, this is like second nature. However, equally as important to us is the mindset of our people: reliable and no-nonsense. 'What you see is what you get.' This creates the trust and transparency that allows us to build an honest and involved relationship with our customers in which the customer is always our focus.

To the industry and retail markets, it is also very important to know that Epos' employees who complement each other well in terms of education and work experience in the various fields of the foodstuffs industry. As a result, the solutions we offer always have the right combination between theoretical and practical knowledge.

Apart from our people, our modern office building and the advanced and fully automated production play a big part. We have two fully separated manufacturing locations. A dry and a wet environment each with their own professional mixing plant.

Epos, more than just flavour

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