Development process

In the foodstuffs industry and in retail, distinguishing yourself is of vital importance.
That is why at Epos we do not believe in a standard product range; instead we develop customer-specific concepts and flavour solutions. This is preceded by a process of market research and a bi-annual trend analysis.

Step 1

Step 1: Market analysis and trend watching

Our trend team keeps a sharp eye on consumer trends. It is the collaboration between the internal trend team, trend watchers and external stakeholders within our parent organization that is of great importance.

Epos is part of Bieze Food Group, a group of companies who are all active in various segments of the food market. BFG is in turn part of our German parent Wernsing. We learn from each other about different trends, markets, audiences and products.

Our employees regularly go on a trend tour and are connected by various research groups. So we gather a lot of knowledge and experience from the market.

Step 2: Clustering trends

Biannual our trend team delivers a report containing the most important trends in the markets where our customers are active.

This determines which trends we\'re going to focus in the years after.

Examples of trends in the areas of health are, "reducing sugars and salt" or "E-number reduction".

If we look at trends such as convenience or enjoyment, you can again see other possibilities to which we can respond with new concepts.

Step 3: Product development

Once the trends are clustered and the focus for the coming year has been established, our Research & Development department are starting to develop products that fit in those trends.

A part of this process is procurement of raw materials that meet the strict requirements of the law and various taste tests.

Step 4: Customized solutions

Once taste directions are developed and it is possible to develop new concepts, are sales department consults with our custommers.

We believe that only customer-specific products and concepts can succeed, so we always look together for opportunities in the market.

This creates unique concepts and products such as Easterrollade, a skewer, a gourmet kit, square hamburger, you name it ..

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