Our CSR policy

Our CSR policy

We like to take our responsibility when it comes to corporate sustainability. From a sense of social involvement and a clear vision, we are constantly looking for the perfect balance between social, environmental and economic interests.
We do so with the help of the guidelines of the ISO26000 standard. This supports us in doing our best for people and the environment, both now and for our common future.


  • We do not tolerate child labour. We have discussed this with all our suppliers.
  • We offer people with an intellectual disability a fitting working environment.
  • All offices contain paintings made by people with an intellectual disability, this collection will change on an annual basis.
  • We have made agreements with nearby schools regarding partnerships and internships.
  • We stimulate the input and own responsibility of employees.
  • We help employees to the fullest in the personal development in the broadest sense.
  • In order to provide young people with an insight into the possibilities of a professional industrial company as an employer, we regularly organise tours for educational institutions in the environment. This way, we make a contribution to the expected shortage of employees in the foodstuffs industry.
  • We truly value health within our organisation, which is why we offer our employees daily free fruit, for example. There are also regular preventative medical inspections.
  • Epos' products do not contain AZO colouring.
  • The reduction of salt and E-numbers are important spearheads for our product development department.

EPOS feels responsible for all its employees.


  • All waste in our company is separated.
  • In order to gain insight into power peaks and to eventually fully control them, measurements take place at our refrigeration compressors.
  • We monitor the temperature cooling. This way, maximum values can be increased if necessary. It is important that the temperature of the storage remains equal.
  • With the help of added enzymes, units of pollution in our waste water are reduced.
  • We only use paper from trees that come from responsible forest management.
  • Epos' packaging materials are 'food grade' and meet the current legislation for foodstuffs.
  • In terms of vehicle pool management, the focus lies on efficient cars and/or electric vehicles.

EPOS feels responsible for the environment and its surroundings.


  • In our building, the lights are switched off automatically so we use less energy.
  • We use motion sensitive switches for the lights in the corridors and in the rooms where people are not located throughout the day.
  • We reclaim heat from the compressors for heating the building's entrance.
  • The air compressors in the production halls are fitted with shut-off valves to prevent air leakage.
  • Machines are checked for air leakage every month.

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